Vivere Double Hammocks

Bought one of these last time and I absolutely love this hammock. It will stretch a little over time and you’ll have to hang the thing a little higher, but it doesn’t stretch much. Very comfortable and perfect for Arizona.

What is the hanging distance between trees if using the straps? Am I right to guess it is 10 feet?

Anyone have knowledge of how well this handles bad weather? I don’t want it tipping over on the deck or into the siding. I’m thinking of the one with the stand.

The stand should do fine. However, the hammock is made of cotton. Cotton will last a lot longer if you do not leave it exposed to the elements.

Leave the hammock stand outside and don’t worry about it. Bring the hammock in when you aren’t using it, so it isn’t exposed to sun and rain. With that, both will last you a long, long time.