Vivere Dream Chairs and Hammocks

Why is the invisible man the model for the Denim hammock. It is clear someone is sitting in it.

Are they trying to tell me that I’ve been lying in hammocks the wrong direction my whole life !?!

I sprang for this Vivere hammock on Woot on July 9th and wasn’t disappointed at all.

My 60-year-old self assembled it in about 10 minutes with, as promised by the ad copy, no tools.

The carry case is large enough that you don’t have to worry about fitting everything in – just toss it in.

Both the hammock and the stand seem sturdy. I’m happy I bought it.

purchased the hammock, expecting to fit two tall & skinny young adults, but NOPE! only fits 1 person. But it is easy to move around, set up and pack away.

I purchased the hammock last time it was available. It’s met or exceeded my expectations. I thought the build quality would be poor, but it’s rugged enough to use frequently. It assembled in 10 minutes without tools.

Only complaint is that the low point for 2 of us (~430lbs) is about 4" off the floor when laying long ways (normal way, not the way shown in the pictures).

FYI, it looks like this hammock is slightly different from the model offered in July (9’ vs. 8’).

Actually, this style of hammock, without spreader bars, is more comfortable if you lay diagonally or partially crosswise. Your body is supported by the bias of the fabric. Who knew?

There are several ways to for 2 fit in a Brazilian double sized hammock. Try facing each other stretching out at opposite ends, but on a slight diagonal. Do not place your head and feet directly in line with the ends of the hammock. Another option is to sit side by side and treat it like a loveseat. Very comfortable.

There is a slight difference in size. The 9 ft combo featured here has a slightly larger footprint than the 8 ft combo. The one offered here is great if you aren’t as concerned about it fitting in a fairly small area.

Try adjusting the height of the J hooks by placing them at a lower point on the upper arms. There are at least 8 sets of holes drilled into the upper arms for this purpose. This easy adjustment will increase the clearance between the ground and the low point in your hammock. Another option is to place one J hook lower where you tend to place your head. It elevates one end - great for reading.

:smiley: I just realized that few months ago when we bought a camping one. You are supposed to be 45 or even 90 degree angle, just like this person in the picture.

I ordered in July, it’s decent for the price I guess.

Fully assembled, the bars have a lot more “play” then thought they would. It’s sturdy, but it doesn’t seem right. Came with a few scraps and nicks on the cross bar, seems cheaply made in my opinion.

Why does this man have a blond wig On???

Love my hammock and really want to buy another one!

Can this stand hold a hammock with a spreader bar?

I picked up the 8 foot one and set it up in the living room as soon as I got it. It is still there and being used. Really enjoy it. Kinda want to get the 9 foot one to fit 2 people in, but I have been told I have too many hammocks already. Can’t wait to take it camping. The only thing I am worried about it taking the frame apart to store it in the bag as it fits together very snugly. But I used plenty of WD-40, so I shouldn’t have that much trouble taking it apart if I ever decide to take it out of the living room.