Vivere Levitat Aerial 3-Person Hammock Mat

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Vivere Levitat Aerial 3-Person Hammock Mat
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3 person? maybe 3 children. but no way you get 3 adults on there comfortably.

AUTOPLAY?! Not cool, Woot. Generic jazz? Way too late for that. Hammock looks nice, though.

I suppose that would depend…

Agree and disagree. Woke up the damn dog, so thanks for that Woot! Next time you take him out in the rain at 4am. Hammock looks useless as you need to find 3 points that are perfectly equilaterally triangularly positioned withing the limits of the strap lengths. I do a ton of hammock camping and finding two trees that are reasonably distant can be a challenge in a woods full of them - in an urban setting finding three such anchor points strong enough - fugettaboutit.


“3-person” but not a single picture depicting such a use case…

Its in the Video.

A non-deal. I can buy this for twice the price at the mothership… XD

sad there are no reviews. anyone have any experience with these triple nest hammocks? I was thinking literally yesterday “I wish woot would have a three person hammock again like last year.”

Woot, I’d appreciate you not reading my mind anymore.

Sorry about that! Thank you for letting us know. As a general rule, we don’t do autoplay ads. This one sneaked through.

Working on getting it updated or removed.

How would you even swing back and forth in this contraption? This makes as much sense as three interlocking gears.

Three adults sitting shown for maybe 2.5 seconds.

My thought exactly.

I don’t think the trees would like this.

I don’t see a weight capacity. 3 adults could be 900 pounds.

Pretty useless without the metal frame.

It’s in the product description, and 900 pounds does exceed the limit. I would probably pay to see three 300 lb. people climb into this thing.

That’s because none the pictures they took were “family friendly”.

The last picture lists the weight limit as 880 lbs