Vivere Levitat Aerial 3-Person Hammock Mat

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Vivere Levitat Aerial 3-Person Hammock Mat
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4/24/2018 - $149.99 - [url=]Click To See Discussion (4 comments)

The three person hammock that no picture shown depicts no more than a single person within.

What the hell is this doing in Home and Garden? Amazon you are so weird and probably have no one there who knows the difference from outdoor activities and Home and Garden.
I come here never for need but for a bargain. Bargains are not here any longer and refurbished to me should be discounted by at least 65% off of retail I mean it’s no longer new. It’s used. No matter how you look at it used is used.
Imagine buying a refurbished New Car. Won’t Happen! It is after sold and returned called USED even with just 1 mile.

It requires a sizeable footprint, may interfere with other sightseers in some cases, see photo.

Why is this called a “three person hammock”? The pictures show the hammock with one person in it and there is no room for more people. This is just a triangular hammock for one. Good luck finding three attachment points, that are strong enough, the right distance apart and at the correct angle to each other.

Cramped as heck with three.

To be fair, they’re kinda doing it wrong. The freaking thing’s a triangle. It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out that you should put your head at a vertex.

It says it measures 114 inches from vertex to opposite side. 2/3 of that is 76 inches, so three 6-foot-tall people should be able to lie comfortably without their feet touching in the middle.

I would buy this, if only I knew 2 girls who would get on it with me. Not going to happen.

Lol. Also overpriced. Wait for the copies.

We should settle this officially. Paging all rocket surgeons…

This is the copy. Of the Tentstile models that go for $500+.

Haha. Then I’ll wait for the copies of the copy!