Vivere Levitat Revolutionary Aerial Mat Hammock

Vivere Levitat Revolutionary Aerial Mat Hammock

What are the dimensions?

Length 330cm / 130" (meaning corner to corner)

· Width 292cm / 115" (meaning from the center of one side to the opposite corner)

· Minimum distance required for hanging 355cm / 140"

Tan would have been a better option, as black gets very hot.

Hi there. Dims have been added.

  • Minimum required distance for hanging: 140-inches
  • Length: 130-inches (corner to corner)
  • Width: 115-inches (center of one side to opposite corner)

I received this today and it looks like the worst Chinese copy I’ve ever seen. No straps, no logos, super cheap material. No green tie downs. Just a cheap mesh. Anyone else? It is a hex with 6 cheap plastic clips on each corner. It looks like the mesh from my dive bag.

I got the same. Must be an error, happy to see you post!

Got an emailed return label from woot today and another crappy fake at my doorstep… I’d really like one of these. They look really cool. Did anyone actually get what was on the site?