Vivitar 10x26 Binoculars & Whistler Radar Detector


first post… on 2nd page :stuck_out_tongue:

nifty stuff, i’d like the radar detector, but not for $70.






not bad


Did I make at least the 2nd page?


Damnn, that’s some awsome dail-up diggty


this woot sux!!!


give me something better to spend my money on b4 christmas!!


Looks like woot has been stalking daily deal EXACT SAME RADAR DETECTOR THAT SOLD OUT FOR 70 bucks!!!


hehe just love this line:
Has Mass And Takes Up Space: Yes
Hey 2nd PAGE!!! WooT!


Decent woot! :slight_smile:



I like the idea of woot! But need more intersesting, cool, gadgets please…I love gadgets.



lolz :>


was on deal .com yesterday for daily deal, sold out at 12 for like 60 bucks, and that was just for the radar/laser detector.


I smell


I’m afraid I’d crash while trying to spot the cops with my binoculars if the radar detector went off.


You’re garbage


Oh yes, this is EXACTLY what I wanted for a Christmas gift for my lead-footed son! However, I cannot order it because I am moving Dec 27th and have no clue when or where w00t would -could-should deliver it. :evil: :twisted: Darn! :x Oh well, it could be worse. It could have been[size=24:fccea56427] [color=darkred:fccea56427]A $50 Robosapien!![/size:fccea56427][/color]


Second, third, whatever page…

Just gots to give a big [size=24:1aecbe03c6]THANK YOU[/size:1aecbe03c6] to whoever wrote the product description! This was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while, and made it worth staying up this late…

…and [size=18:1aecbe03c6][color=red:1aecbe03c6]MORE RAM IN THE (RADAR DETECTOR) BOX!!![/color][/size:1aecbe03c6]


heh heh