Vivitar 3826 4MP Digital Camera


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Kittens aside, this sounds like a great deal (satisfies the 3mp, 4x zoom, ~$100 min requirements I’ve been looking for in a consumer camera), but Google made me not buy:

=“I think this is a nice little general snapshot camera…although I have mixed feelings about the zoom, because it delays picture-taking while it deploys. If you get this camera make sure you get Lithium batteries because alkali batteries last hardly any time at all.”
="I bought these VIVITAR 3826 Vivacams. We have had nothing but problems with it. Seems it takes great pictures, but when we connect it to the PC to down load the pictures it totally drains the Battery. "
=“Does anyone know how to fix the vivitar 3826 lcd display? It’s white and it won’t show any picture at all! and i accidentally threw away my receipt so I cannot return it. Please please help if you can.”
=“Ijust bought this camera and it got so hot that it stoped working after 15 min, I’m glad I have my receipt!”
="As I have used Vivitar lenses and flash equipment before, I got this as an upgrade for my Ricoh 3.2MP and am very pleased with the results so far. Make no mistake, this is a capable performer which can yield excellent results when set correctly, ie. 4MP and ‘fine’ quality. "

And Amazon, which is notorious for deleting bad reviews, let these slip through:
1 out of 5 stars Poor picture, December 28, 2004
“Takes poor quality picture. Pictures are always very noisy! Even lowering ISO setting didn’t help. I didn’t expect such poor quality picture from a 4 MP camera! I am returning mine.”

5 out of 5 stars, Excellent Camera, December 5, 2004
“This little camera is the best dollar for dollar digital camera out there. I was a little sceptical at first but after using this camera I can tell you that I was very impressed. I give it a solid 5 out of 5.”

“1 out of 5 stars Cheap price, poor performance, October 24, 2004”
Takes poor pictures both in bright light and low light conditions when using default settings. Any custom settings are lost any time the camera is turned off, so it is impractical to use them. It would take a few minutes to get the camera ready, and you would miss the shot. Not even the flash setting saves.I am returning mine. I would prefer a 3 Megapixel camera of higher quality to meet this price point."

I guess that’s the price you’d have to pay for a bottom-dollar item. Maybe next time!


this is pretty cool, im buying one!



Nice one! Keep up the great deals! Where else can you get a Vivitar 4 mp camera for $109?!?!?! AWESOME.

LMAO… check out the enlarge picture button at the bottom left of the camera pic. … Great Deals, coupon codes and freebies. Stop by and save


[size=18:e01c0ed05a]Waiting for a nice Canon, Nikon, Sony, or Pentax Woot! Guess I’ll go install my Omnifi… in my Mach 2 Jet Car… I can see these winding up in a BOC… it got terrible technical reviews…[/size:e01c0ed05a]


WOOT! 4 MP! Perfect! Check out the enlarge on the bottom right corner, its GC! jp jp -The [color=blue:d38065ce84]Latest[/color] Tech News, Mods, Hacks, and Deals


thinking aboot it. its not on the main page yet! -

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more bags of crap!!!


bad deal…recently was sold on fleabay for $20 less even with shipping…


Vivitar 3826 4 MegaPixel Digital Camera
3x Optical Zoom, 4x Digital Zoom
$109.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

A great choice for budding digital photographers, the Vivitar 3826 digital camera makes beautiful 4×6-inch prints and enlargements up to 11×17 inches thanks to the 4 MP resolution and 12x total zoom. The big, 1.5-inch, high-resolution image LCD screen displays photos and easy-to-understand menus-even in bright light. Capture life’s moving memories in MPEG movie clips with sound. You can also use it to take pictures of your roommate, who also happens to be the funny copywriter guy for, when he falls asleep at the computer drooling on the keyboard and doesn’t finish the trademark hilarious write up in time forcing you to use a stock one that is kind of lame.

ViviCam 3826 Features:
Condition: New, retail
4 Megapixel, 3X Optical, 4x Digital Zoom Digital Camera
Sensor: 4 Megapixel, 24-bit color
Camera modes: digital still, movie-clip
Still-image Resolution: 2304×1728 Maximum
Photography modes: Fully automatic and Program modes
Program modes: macro, portrait, landscape, night-scene, sports
4X Digital Zoom
Exposure: Automatic with manual eV compensation +/- 2.0 eV (0.5 steps)
White Balance: Auto (w/presets for Daylight, Cloudy, Sunset, Tungsten, Fluorescent)
ISO: Automatic, 100, 200, 400
Selectable sharpness and saturation
Color, black & white, and sepia-tone modes
Self-timer: 5 or 10 seconds, selectable
Integral four-mode flash: Automatic, Auto w/Red-eye-reduction, On/fill, Off
1.5” TFT color display
OSD languages: (7) English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese S/T
Internal: 16 MB built-in
External Memory: Uses Secure Digital (SD) memory cards
Accepts SD memory cards up to 512 MB (Memory card not included)
Still Image File format: JPG
Movie Mode File Format: MPG (MPEG Level 1, with audio)
Video Resolution: 320×240
Video Frame rate: up to 24 fps (variable)
Integral microphone for audio capture
Playback images or live video to your TV monitor, VCR, or DVD recorder
NTSC or PAL, selectable
Included Software (for PC only)
PhotoSuite SE
Ports and Connectors
USB - USB Mini
A/V output
DC power in
Two AA alkaline batteries (included)
Power management: auto-power off to conserve batteries
As with all Vivitar digital cameras, you better get some rechargeable batteries


$200 on amazon. 2 bad reviews, 1 good one.


just got one!


Why do you have to have a POS camera?
I read numerous reviews that say this camera is bullcrap.
Yes, it is cheap by like 50-100 dollars, but it’s still not worth it.
One person said their 2.1 mp digicam took better pics than this pos!


nice - but it should have a remote for home photos…


did woot die?
anyway, i hope this camera is better than the one that came with the printer a couple weeks ago…

same brand, but this one is definatly a step up…
[size=18:a1bf2d176e]dont let megapixels fool you though[/size:a1bf2d176e]
ive gotten a 6MP camera before that took some of the worst pictures ever… 6 megapixels, yes? but the color and focus were god aweful

hey hey hey… i guess ive been singled out
unless i deleted part of my own post by accident?

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need no more camera/s Thank You :stuck_out_tongue:


oh, my piggy bank’s bitchin’ a blue streak…i’ll have to take a picture of it with my new camera …just not this camera… all the bad reviews changed my mind quick

#19 hammers this thing… only two reviews but not too great from what I read.


Man, glad I jumped on the HP camera, from what I understand this one is a stinkeroonie :slight_smile: