Vivitar 8.1MP Compact Digital Camera with 2.5-in. LCD

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Vivitar 8.1MP Compact Digital Camera with 2.5-in. LCD
$119.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 Vivitar 8.1MP Compact Digital Camera with 2.5" LCD - 8300s

Looks like a nice woot… but Ill wait for more research!

is this worth it?

not a fan of vivitar, good price though

Does that mean it’s no good? Just curious, it is 8.1 MP…

I think I will stick to my Canon XTi. I shy away from off brands.

Not bad but I want to hear more from others.

ugh i stayed up for this… Vivitar has not been known to intregrat ISO very well, beware

Casual digital camera buyer beware: more pixels does not necessarily mean better pixels.

Bought this last time it was up
great camera!

love the cat pic, wish it were a canon SD850 IS for this price

Got the 10.1 for 10 USD more from woot! … ALL the same features. Works plug and play no drivers, No software needed.

YES it does work with Vista. I have checked during the last time offered.

Wish this was a 2-fer. Still Think I’m in for my brother-in-law as he is a new father to be. These take beautiful pics. And with all these extra woot! SD cards. NICE purchase.

Stayed up late. Nice woot but I’ve already got a nice camera. See you tomorrow.

Does this camera work with a remote control thingy?

Lol it would’ve been a kick ass deal if it was a two-fer. The SD Card that it accepts though can only go as high as 1gb. Kinda weird.

I think last time this was on, someone said 8.1MP of unfocused image is not necessarily good.

wtf no wootcast??? im so pissed!

wow! this seem slike a great deal! i have never owned a vivitar. what kind of experiences has anyone had with vivitar? with 8.1 pixels, how is it compared to other brands at 8.1 pixels?

bought one for the gf, 100 on newegg, she likes it.