Vivitar 8.1MP Digital Camera with 6X Optical Zoom and 2.8" LCD



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Vivitar 8.1MP Digital Camera with 6X Optical Zoom and 2.8" LCD
$139.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Vivitar 8600 8MP Digital Camera w/6x Optical Zoom

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hey fellow wooters: how about instead of complaining about each woot by saying things like “ill pass” or “sucks”…just say something like “awesome!” or “great price” or “i have one and i love it!”

that’ll help move the sucky woots along faster and it would be better for us all :slight_smile:



That cat is DYNAMITE!!!


Such a long ‘lens’?


looks good, too bad I have a camera already


Nice. I want, cannot afford right now.


Hope there is only one of these :slight_smile:


not a bad price for 8.1megapixels


great great camera and great price! But i dont need a camera :smiley:


too much for my woot off budget


Another camera? Suck.


Nice - but don’t need another digital camera. Good night… :frowning:


Kitty has achieved critical mass.


I bought this camera and used it this summer on a trip around the world. It took nice pics and the zoom worked really well. Good features for this price.


I hope that they do not have many of these… L O L… Another Point and Shoot camera…


Nice camera! Looks like it has good features. I may go for this…


I need a new slim digital cam for short $$ - any say yeah on this one?


Which company made this?