Vivitar 8600 8MP Digital Camera with 6X Optical Zoom and 2.8 inch LCD



Here are the only links I can find for this product

Product Review from Lets Go Digital

Product Review from

Even Vivitar’s US Website does not mention this camera Price 299 € which is about $382 (anyone speak French)


No thanks, Stick with sony for just a little more money


this any good?


well don’t need one…got a Digital Rebel XT :slight_smile:

Nice woot though!


Is this any good?


Not a fan of Vivitar…G’luck though…


Nice camera and price. Really nice.

I’d buy it if I had anything to take pictures of.

Good Woot.


Whoa. I got a page before this. Crazy


…so how’s Vivitar as far as brand name vs. quality goes? I’ve never really seen anything dealing with that name…


Anybody know how fast this li’l guy boots up? I’ve been looking for a camera that I can pull out, fire off a few snaps, and conceal again.


ehhh i only trust canon…good pixels doesn’t mean a good picture… good night woot


Bought this camera last time it was available, and it is by far the easiest and best auto focus digital I have had. Highly recommended. Nigh Wooters

#14 What the heck was that!? Weird.

Well, looks like a very nice camera, I just don’t have the money for it…Too poor saving up for a boc, the zoom on this is nice, but my camera already has 12x optical


Kids. I seriously canNOT find any comparison sites that have this exact camera available. What’s the deal with this??? Soo… here’s some links to my fave comparison sites for all vivitar cameras, maybe you’ll have better luck finding it than i did…

Vivitar Cams on BizRate

Vivitar Cams on Shopzilla

Vivitar Cams on pricegrabber

Let me know if you find it, cuzs I sure can’t.
Plus, here’s a fun link… totally random… enjoy…BizRate’s 4th of July Shop… flags, grills, clothes, patio furniture, water toys,… the whole nine. P.S.all this is also perfect for any USA fan who wants to host a World Cup Party* winkwink


Really looks nice - haven’t compared because i like my Nikon. But my mom wants a new camera … will tell her about it.


I used to have an old Vivitar 110 film camera…it was OK I guess.


Can’t find an exact match so here are some similiar models with relevant information to give you an idea…

Closest Match: Vivitar ViviCam 8300s Digital Camera 8MP w/ 3x Optical Zoom, 2.5 in. LCD, $227

Vivitar ViviCam 6330s Digital Camera 6MP w/ 3x Optical Zoom, $170

Vivitar ViviCam 4000 Digital Camera 6.3MP, $215

Other Vivitar Digital Cameras various MP and prices.

8600 vs 8300s: Main advantages are the 8600 gives 3x more optical zoom, 4.5x more digital zoom, and has slightly larger LCD screen. You can see the 8300s Specs here and compare them to the 8600 specs on the Woot homepage.


we need cheap stuff! so many digi-cams sold on here, i already got a sony cybershot! when’s the next woot-off it’s been awhile. I’ve also been constantly hearing of the famed “bag o crap” and I’m waiting to order 3 of them!


Is the conceal part important?