Vivitar 8600 8MP Digital Camera with 6X Optical Zoom and 2.8" LCD



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too rich for my blood, nice camera tho. If I was looking for a new cam I’d definitely pick this one up :slight_smile:


Great camera… love the 6x optical zoom and 8 MP is better resolution than even film. Tough to find a camera with these features for a lower price.


After the item is marked sold out, how long does it takes for the other item to come on.

I have to press refresh to get to it, otherwise the other item stays on. Does not change automatically.


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Vivitar 8600 8MP Digital Camera with 6X Optical Zoom and 2.8" LCD
$279.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Vivitar 8600 8MP Digital Camera w/6x Optical Zoom

Long live the WOOT-OFF !!!


Wow, an item over $200… isn’t that the first one today??


Seems better than the last Vivitar that was up here. Too rich for my blood though.


Every time I get a camera a better one comes available! Damn!


Looks like a nice camera. But $280.00?!?


Click on the Pic and you will see the crazy cat has returned from a previous woot-off…this time much calmer.


Major Woot killer here. I bet they sold 10 last week when they offered it. Does anyone remember the price at the time?


6x optical zoom is pretty good…that along with 8MP will make for a fine poster sized pic of the neighbor lady gettin’ dressed. hahaha


This is the first itme I have seen this camera, apparently it’s not released in the US yet. (checked the latest camera they have up is the 8300:


Generally it seems to take in between 2 and 5 minutes tops.


tracker mirror


289 at the last woot, so 10 bucks cheaper.

As a photography enthusiast, I can tell you that 8mp and 6 x optical zoom good for those reaching for professional looking shots. This camera is a good replacement for those of us that can’t afford expensive SLR’s, though personally I recommend the Fuji Finepix S7000 despite its bulk and battery binges.

Shame I don’t have the cash for it.


8 MP - good
6x optical zoom - good
Vivitar - hmm
$79.99 - WOOHOO!

No, wait…



If I owned this camera, I would take pictures of pictures and blow them up to poster size. Amazing possibilities…


This was a launch item - ya know, little pointy hat or whatever thingy - on Woot sometime in the last month or so. Or was it yesterday? Woot-offs totally screw up my sense of days hours and minutes. Ok, time to go vote. Good luck everyone! Merry Xmas.