Vivitar 8MP Digital Camera with 6x Optical Zoom

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Vivitar 8MP Digital Camera with 6x Optical Zoom
$119.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Vivitar 8625 8MP Digital Camera with 6x Optical Zoom

real decent woot… still got useful linkage w/ comparison links though… wheter you like it or not… so many better options out there… not sure if i’d settle on this… but its possible.

i have this exact camera not as good as the 10mp but still rocks

is this better than my nikon DSLR?

Has Vivitar’s reputation improved any as of late?

what are the ratings on this??

got one just like it. works great. not professional quality, but at this price, it’s a good deal.

Didn’t this make an appearance at the last Woot off? How does this compare to Cannon?

Have had not a problem with my 10 MP Vivitar from woot!
Will work plug and play even on Vista.

Yuck go canon

vivitar is Kamapart store brands
8Mp doesn’t mean they are Good Mps just a lot of them. keep them

Google product search!

just remember folks, MP is not everything.

looks very 80-ish but it runs on AA batteries! thats pretty neat.

What the hell??? That looks eggsactly like my Vivitar from the '70s.

Yeah, I think I’ll stick with my Nikon D80. PASS!

So what exactly is the complaint against Vivitar? I just bought a Panasonic Lumix with 7MP (I think) and 3x optical zoom for MORE than this. I am happy with it so far, but this looks even better. Isn’t 6x optical zoom kind of unusual for such a low price? Most cameras I have seen in this range have only 3x.

wow, this is hot with the black face. amazon only carries the silver model.

I have a nice, gigantic DLSR, too. This is pocket size and can go with me without needing a neck strap or camera bag…

Vivitar is a very well-known name in the camera industry.
Unfortunately, it is not well-known for high quality.
If “good enough” is good enough for you… then the price is right on this one.