Vivitar 8MP Digital Camera with 6x Optical Zoom

Hmmm, takes AA batteries. Nice.

Not that bad of a deal, I worked with cameras over the summer and for around $100 an 8MP with 6 Zoom sounds great. I never took a picture with it though, so I do not know how the image processor is. I really like Canons and Sonys because I believe they produce better pictures if their MPs and Zoom is the same as other cameras, but those are usually in the range of $250-$400 for a 8MP model.

It looks a like a great camera just to buy for the sake of having a decent camera. Sure its not the worlds best camera, but I’ll bet you’ll have been glad to pick it up if your old camera is a few years old and you want a newer one.

damn you woot…I got the 7 MP one with just the 3x optical zoom at the same price 2 months ago from here.

damn you.

from what i remember, Vivitar is known for a lot of features for your buck, but not high quality.

This seems like a pretty sweet deal except for one thing, and this is probably the thing that caused this to be a wootable item in the first place: it’s clearly stated that this only accepts up to 2GB SD cards. All the cool kids are using 4GB and 8GB SDHC cards now, which while visually identical to the smaller SD cards actually involve a totally different addressing bus. So you’re definitely going to be behind the times a bit. Not a single newer camera on the market with SD-based technology would NOT also accept SDHC.

Actually, the price is great. I have a Panasonic Lumix 7mp with 6x. Great camera. I paid a little more than this. For a newbie, who wants a little more with their first camera, this is a good deal.

Still happy with my Panasonic though!

For those who are looking for review of other digital camera referr to…

i recently purchased 40D (waited a couple of weeks)…and i still use my S70…but the vivitar camera is cheap…

O K all of you camera geeks, please turn away for just a minute. I need to ask anyone with a; common sense and B; a minimal knowledge of digital cameras… Will this be a good buy for someone who just wants to take pictures and download them to a simple Dell P C ?
My favorite camera comes in a three-pack from Costco for $12.99 but my wife wants to upgrade. Any thoughts out there?

I once had a Vivitar, but I spilled soda all over it and it died. I guess in this case it was the user not the brand. :slight_smile: But, either way, I didn’t really like it when it did work, so it wasn’t a big loss to me.

Does anybody know if this camera has any kind of Image Stabilization?

“Movie Recording 640 x 480 @ 25fps, 320 x 240 @ 25fps” WTF PAL FPS? THIS IS AMERICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Isn’t it normally 30fps?

If you’re looking to upgrade from disposable cameras, then YES, you will be very happy. This is a lot of bang for the buck. High content with OK quality.

I likes the retro look. If only it used flash cubes!

However, rather than more megapixels, I’d rather have image stabilization. Pay an extra $50 and buy a 7.1MP Canon PowerShot A570IS. You won’t be disappointed.

That is such a heart-tugging description. I hate when they do that.

You can’t go wrong, only bad thing is using 2 AA batteries. The lithium batteries are better cause you can recharge them, but they do take great pix, when you get them figured out. Time makes perfect.

I purchased now 2 Vivitar Cameras (one of the copper colored ones earlier in the year and one with the 6X zoom about 2 months ago) and I have to say that the cameras are very nice. When you factor in the price they are a VERY GOOD DEAL IMHO. They are feature rich, the pictures are above average quality. Canon Elph’s are still better - but they are more expensive. I will mention though that I just sold my Vivitars because I got a killer deal on a Canon Elph 10MP. It was much more money and the pictures are much clearer, but as I said you have to factor price in - it is reality.

I would recommend this to anyone that wants a good solid camera that can take nice clear pictures (the optical zoom is great - the one I bought 2 months ago has it and it works great - especially with the image stabilization). It is a very good value, and dare I say the BEST camera you will find at this price point. 6X Optical Zoom, 8MP for this price is just awesome. This is head and shoulders above any of the Kodak and HP cameras you will see in this price range - so go for it if you are on the fence. The pictures are great, the plug & play is fast and seamless, it will take up to 8GB SD cards (Making an assumption there since my one I bought 2 months ago would and I bought it from Woot). If you have a DSLR it is very nice to have a smaller camera to do some quick point and click shots. Oh - it DOES have built-in flash, and a mount for a tripod on the bottom (as most of the cameras above the generic ones do). Ability to use AA’s is pretty cool - if you get some good rechargeables.

Good luck and good hunting!

I love the older look, but … no optical viewfinder - no thanks…

I’m going to stick with my Olympus for now, but damn that description was hilarious!

The Vivitar site says it hold up to 1 GB and woot says 2GB. Is something wrong or am I missing something?

The manufacturer’s website says it only supports cards up to 1 GB.

What’s with the limit, anyway?