Vivitar DVR7300X 7MP Digital Camcorder

Another camcorder?

3 Please!

This one might take awhile, phew. Bathroom break.

Yeah…might be time for some sleep after all.

Wow this is sure to look like complete crap so soon after the Canon HV20

This is the 21st century - gimme WIDEscreen.

not HD = not interested

only able to read up to 4 gb no thanks I have a 16 gig…give that lobster some vote while you buy three of these…

at least this one didn’t require a tape like the last one. AND it’s easier to save the video.

wanted the fishing pole,

ok for the price i guess

best one this morning so far imo

If I want one is it a good buy I really just dont KNOW please help

My calibrated slide rule / protractor indicates there are 16-ish of these… BRB.

they cost a dollar less anywhere else on the net lol.

same price they normally sell it at. good for kids, not home movies

For once your image isn’t offensive Congratulations

that may be, but reviews say sound quality is rather poor.