Vivitar DVR7300X 7MP Digital Camcorder

I’d take a miniDV camcorder over one with built-in storage any day. Especially on a long shoot - easier to just bring some extra tapes than try to find a place to dump extra video.

you want three

I’ve been out of the woot off for about 2 hrs…have they sold any bags of crap yet?

Bought one last week, checked it out, nice unit and worth every penny, just bought two more.

People have no idea how good a deal this one is.

Anyone actually have one of these? The 2 reviews on Amazon are soft of mixed.


this one also take sd , or didn’t you see that?


fucking shit!

The vivitar baby thing gave me a near-irresistible urge to buy… But I somehow resisted.

Nastalgia ftw! (I only found it funny because that memory hasn’t been revisited since I was 5).

You wont be seeing HD for 100 bucks withing the next 5 years.

Tempting; but i know nothing about how Vivitar stuff is within the last 30 years. If i could expect it to be a good as my 400/SL 35mm SLR, i’d be in.

a mini dv tape is 6 bucks and can hold an hour, whilst this requires sd, 1 hr of standard def is 2gb, unless you got a bunch of the memory cards earlier 2gb cards are usually >$10

Actually, I didn’t catch that. :slight_smile:

That makes this camcorder a lot nicer than I thought!

…Still can’t afford it though ;.;

Doesn’t appear to support SDHC cards according to the description of “up to 4GB”. This limits you from buying any of the newer 8gb, 16gb or 32 gb SD cards.

EDIT: Woody1 states in a later post that he is using an 8GB, so it must support SDHC then.

That fishing pole went faster than BOC!!!

I would recommend it. Especially to film yourself getting freaky with a stray dog, or better yet your mother in law’s dog. Or your mother in law if you are into it.

I wasn’t raving about it’s quality, mind you. just ease of usage.

really? did I miss you couldn’t use extra storage SD cards for this? 4GB cards are easier to carry than tapes any day. You could totally go 80’s and fanny pack it XP

I bought this a few weeks ago. For what it is, it’s great. It’s not HD, It’s not super quality, It is small, cheap and very portable.

We are having a wedding soon and plan to have a kid go around the reception with it and collect wishes for the happy couple.

Happy woot-off.

I’ll buy you one…

Got one of these on ebay. Instructions were meh, and controls are hard to figure out. Not sure if the video I have is quality or not because I can’t get it off the recorder.

If someone has this and likes it, speak up. I will want a tutorial from you.

You are talking about the dog pic right?