Vivitar DVR7300X 7MP Digital Camcorder

1 Vivitar DVR7300X 7MP Digital Camcorder

$99.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

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New Vivitar DVR7300X 7MP Digital Camcorder, for $99.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Vivitar DVR7300X 7MP Digital Camcorder

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Vivitar DVR7300X 7MP Digital Camcorder
$99.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Vivitar DVR7300X 7MP Digital Camcorder

does anyone know if this has a microphone in jack?

3 stars on Amazon…

One review on Alatest…,147/

I’ve got one of these. I fasten it to my helmet when I’m skydiving so I can get a personal view of my jumps. It works very well, and is light enough that it doesn’t tweak my kneck if I have a hard opening.

Vivitar + 480p = yawn

This would be nice to have around to record personal belongings and store the card away, in case of disaster like say a hurricane.

These things seem so pointless when most new pocket cameras can already take video at almost the same quality, yet definately take better pictures too. Been thinking about a digi video cam but doesn’t look like it’ll be this one. I’m guessing the up to 4gb SD card means standard SD and not SDHC?, dating this thing a bit already…

Can this thing be used as a web cam?

Does anyone know how much recording time you get per 4 gb of memory?

The reviews on Amazon (2) are one “it’s great!” and one “it sucks!”, so really not a lot of help…

So this basically is like the video I can take with my 7MP camera? How much video time am I going to get on this thing with say a 2gig card?

Vivitar? No thanks!

So I want to buy a helmet cam for skiing/mtn biking. Anyone know if this has the appropriate connections. As far as I know you need a TV-IN connection for more external imaging devices… I don’t see a TV-IN under the specs. Anyone know if this is compatible. Great price if it is!

What, didn’t get enough Zeppelin references into the LED Deck Light write-up? That’s OK, I like 'em, and this one is funnier. “Feed thee my love”, indeed.

Bought one of these on Woot the last time they were offered. Doesn’t work so well in the dark or dimly lit areas. The LED light is basically useless for filming movies (haven’t tried it for still). The basic functions are more or less intuitive, though I did have to refer to the manual a few times to figure out how to shoot a movie. You can apparently adjust the resolution, sharpness, white balance and the like, but I haven’t figured that out yet.

A little trickier than the FLIP Video, but has a bit more versatility than FLIP, you can store to SD (unlike FLIP) and the battery is rechargeable (unlike FLIP, which takes 2 AA’s). Fun to hack around with, but that’s about it.

Yes… it is listed in the Features on the front page… lol

radio shack sells a 720p recorder for 10 dollars less, called the DXG

I have three questions for you (or anyone else who has one of these):

  1. Does it have a tripod mount?
  2. Have you used it as a webcam?
  3. Is it awkward to hold this kind of camera (as opposed to the more standard form factor)?