Vivitar Vivicam 8.1MP Digital Camera


Friday, January 27, 2006


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[]p2, bamageek is looking for sample photos.
]p2, eelfinnty says, “It takes a pretty good pic but It doesn’t like low light too well. You can manualy tell it to expose the image more or less so you can usually get a decent image w/ the flash.”
[]p2, Sheneron has product specs.
]p2, lannywa may have found a review.
[]p2 alternateego may have the Amazon description and a Froogle link.
]p3, ViperGuy wonders, “Honestly who really needs 8.1MP’s?”
[]p4, smartheart wants to know, “Anyone who has this already know if it also will use AA batteries in addition to lithium?”
]p4, atisthammer replies, “Doubt it’ll accept any kind of cylindrical battery.”
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Vivitar Vivicam 8.1MP Digital Camera
$249.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Vivitar Vivicam 8.1MP Digital Camera (Champagne) - 8300SC

That’s a WOOT lot of pixels.


DANG 8.1 mp!!!


Well, It looks shiny. That important right?


Brilliant description!


uyea just what i need!~


Damn nice, getting one!
Excellent w00t!


nice 8.1 mp …anyone know if this is a good brand?>


270 on Froogle…decent woot.


EWWWWW is it really that color? Made from recycled pennies?


FIRST but yea this camera is pretty cool lookin!<br /><b>(USER WAS PUT ON PROBATION FOR THIS POST)</b>


that is the ugliest looking camera i have ever seen.

If it works as well as the last Vivitar Camera I purchased on Woot, dont waste your money on it, pure junk.


Interesting Woot. Not for me though.

Not sure if this is the same as the 8300S, but if it is, it is $299 on Amazon and has incredible reviews and a pretty lengthy description.
Amazon reviews and description

Froogle seemed to be a bit higher around $319

And here is a pretty picture of it on Vivitar’s Site Although they don’t give any other info!


It looks really cool, is it a good one?


Wow cool color… too bad i have a camera…

Oh well… night night and NICE ONE WOOT!!!


woohoo! i had a vivitar once… not again


anyone know if this is a good cam… deal?


Horribly ugly camera, but great description on it, Woot!


8.1…there is no need about 5