Vivitar Vivicam 8.1MP Digital Camera



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Vivitar Vivicam 8.1MP Digital Camera
$239.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Vivitar Vivicam 8.1MP Digital Camera (Champagne) - 8300SC

Here is the link from January 27, 2006 when it did not sell out at $249.99:


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“Dick Cheney point-and-point school”. Tres bien!


NEW! and about $300 on Froogle!


I got one of these for Christmas. Its awesome. Re-chargable!!!


“it’s as well-suited to the creative shutterbug as it is to photographers in the Dick Cheney point-and-shoot school.”



“…Dick Cheney point-and-shoot school.”

BWAHAHAHAHA! Oh, Woot…how you make me laugh…at least until I cry.


large pic


i wasnt impressed enough by my old vivitar 3.1mp camera to buy one like this. i like my nikon P2

i guess ill give up and go to bed :frowning:


Awesome camera!!! I bought it off of Woot! the last time they had it up, only it was 249.00 and now it is 239.00… great deal either way and a great camera!!!


the last hp monitor went faster than i thought. Is this camera the same item like a couple of weeks ago? anyone ever hear of the brand? 8.1 mp seems very decent.


Stop the madness and recycle your pennies! It helps build these lame cameras!


Thanks for linking the wootcast. was trying to get it as well.

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Sorry, I’m new. What’s a Bride of Chucky? I certainly hope your not meaning the movie.


WHAT’S THE OBSESSION, WOOT? The man accidentally shot a guy, and not even with real bullets?! He didn’t die, he is probably going to make a full recuperation. Give it a rest already. I’m boycotting all media until they stop talking about it! Sheesh!


Just got one its a good deal sales on ebay for $379.00

Thanks woot hopefully there will be another woot off item!


My friend bought this one…I thought it was going to be a piece of crap…But Iadmit it’s a nice digi cam, aside from the fact it looks like a big piece of crap…but like I said it’s a dope digi cam, especially the 8.1 mp omg nice quality!


3x is NOT “Super Zoom”, especially if your camera is pink!