Vivitar ViviCam X30 10.1MP Digital Camera



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Ooooh! A camera! Vivitar rocks, I’ve heard nothing but great things from their support and product quality.


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Vivitar ViviCam X30 10.1MP Digital Camera
$149.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 Vivitar ViviCam X30 Digital Camera

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Product Research

  • Manufacturers Webpage
  • Example Photos
  • 2GB Maximum, NOT 1GB
  • The optics and processing chip in digital cameras can be more important that the number of megapixels a camera can take - so far, we have not found any info on the optics or processing chip of this camera
  • 3x zoom is not uncommon for current cameras
  • Built-in USB 1.1 Interface, you would have a better time buying a usb 2.0 SD card reader


Perfect for the growing teenage girl!


Not very good! Ugly camera too.


nah too swingy


nice but I prefer canon’s 10.1mp for better optics


holy smokes… 10.1 mp for $150? pretty ridiculous if you ask me…


vivitar? are we on an episode of double dare?


wow… great one… but price? is it a decent price for this?


not much cheaper than newegg.


that’s a crapload more megapixels than what woot is used to


is this any good?


so this a decent camera?


OMG just got a dang 7.1 … Woot you need to offer a time machine for this price I’ll chip in.


SD card is a winner, but no AAs is sad. Vivitar - well I wouldnt worry about the brand.


Rechargeable Lithium battery is good. Never ever ever buy a digital camera that runs on AA’s or something. You’ll regret it and you’ll be spending more money on batteries then printing.


looks like a good deal. Anyone know if vivitar is a good brand though?


how does vivatar rank in terms of quality?

I bet it isn’t as nice as the cave.


Vivitar is a trusted manufacturer for all cameras. Their phone support is spot on.