Vivitek 3600 Lumen WXGA Projector

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Vivitek 3600 Lumen WXGA Projector
Price: $449.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Friday, Aug 21 to Wednesday, Aug 26) + transit
Condition: New


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Good Reviews

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Another expensive projector.

Ahh Woot, gone are the days of The World’s Crappiest Projector (for under $40.00).

Why does it show list of $1,199? I see $599 everywhere…


Our vendors supply the MSRP which is pretty much a fictional number.

If we tried to sell a $40 projector now, the resolution snobs would be on us like flies on a pile of crap.

Resolution snob here. Can confirm.

I appreciate your support. :happy:

By your own admission then the MSRP is BS… why put it out there at all it only puts your credibility into question.

Because for some weird reason, shoppers still use the % off MSRP as a measuring stick.

//insert another shrug

Saw these have a 3 year warranty.
That’s still apply to this product?
I mean it says it’s new so…yeah?

Yep, new with a 3 Year Vivitek warranty as stated. :happy:

Is this projector coming directly from Vivitek?

The resolution snobs were on you like flies on a pile of crap back then, too, but no one cared. That old projector was sold as a joke or a lark. Maybe even to tick off the resolution snobs by presenting them with something so truly awful they had no choice but to howl with indignation.

That was the fun of it.