Vivitek Projectors

Just ordered the 3200 Lumen XGA HDMI 3D Projector for $199 seems like a great deal

Theres some great reviews on amazon now have to look for a good deal on glasses

Decent Amazon reviews on the Qumi Q5:

Seriously considering it.

The Q5 looks like a good deal…

They have good reviews on BestBuy:

Just pulled the trigger on the 3200 lumen XGA blah blah blah. Just for my future reference, anybody know what I’d need to make this “3D ready” projector project in 3D?

"Make anything watchable. Even The Big Bang Theory!"

You’ve had some great taglines before Woot staff, but you outdid yourselves on this one. Bravo.

If its the same model I have ordered you just need to hook to a video source that provides 3d and order the glasses

Anyone have any experience with the refurbs as far as bulb life? What’s the odds of getting one with a significant amount of the bulb’s life span already spent?

Also while I’m at it…since these aren’t listed as ‘pocket’ or ‘portable’ units, I presume that all these have the standard capability to mount to a wall bracket (upside down in my case), correct?

Hi Philgonet,

To answer your questions,

All of Vivitek’s reconditioned products have substantially less than 100 hours on the lamp. 99% of the time it is less than 50 hours. A lot of times, they will only have a few hours on them.

Also, all of Vivitek’s projectors can be mounted by a bracket/ceiling mount. The option is in the menu to invert the image for different types of setups.

EXCELLENT… That makes me even more glad I pulled the trigger on this earlier today!

Sadly 3D ready doesn’t mean much, it just means that it can handle an input that is in 3D and convert it to 2D to be displayed :frowning:

That is sad, but luckily, not the reason I bought the projector. Would be nice, but not a deal breaker.

Does the D861 come with a remote? The Woot specs don’t list a remote but this model is supposed to have a remote according to the manufacturer’s website.

However, this review says otherwise:

AND, to further complicate matters (Quoted from the FEATURES tab of this item):

…The ***Vivitek D860 *** is a high-performance digital projector that offers exceptional digital images with full color saturation. This projector features native SVGA resolution, multiple connectivity options and 3000 lumens of brightness. Add 3D-ready capabilities, and the D860 is the ideal projector for just about any multimedia/video application. Functionality, performance and value: all found in the Vivitek D860.

So which is it?? 860 or 861?

Thank you, I was going to ask that too but forgot.

That’s also what the description says, so I believe this means 3D input yields 3D output (need 3D source and glasses etc.)

This looks like a great projector but it looks like I can’t connect a Roku to the ones that are left… is that true? Sorry, I’m not smart.

You should be able to as long as they have HDMI, I have not looked to see what is left though