Vizio 1080p 37” LCD HDTV

Tempted! $379 is good, but sales tax is the sucketh…

Weekend Today? I wish it were the weekend.

too small, but keep the good woots coming!


It’s about time they posted a refurb TV!

today is not the weekend W00T!!!


I love TV

awesome tv!! get it!

i Love Lamp

A TV brings warmth to every man’s home.

I’ve had this exact tv for four years. Picture and sound are good and I’ve never had any sort of problems with it…I also paid twice as much for mine!

for $379.99

oh ya… i foRgot i have $400 BUCKS ON MY MANTLE… and no tv… ya… oh uh… Hi Visio…

How many Hz?

Whoops. Read further. 60Hz.


This is like the 4th or 5th tv this woot… this one’s tempting though! Need something like this later on in May!

my home may be a studio apartment, but yo are too right… its very warm in here!

If I get three, could I play Crysis with Eyefinity on my 5670?

man, I’m really tempted now…Ive been looking on Craigslist and so far cheapest is 350