Vizio 1080p 37” LCD HDTV



this again i want my bag of carp

For the price, you can never go wrong with Vizio. A brand that doesnt disappoint.


Had this yesterday. NOT AGAIN!!! MOTHER MAKE IT STOP!!!


I just bought a TV :slight_smile:

they sold 475 of these yesterday

Great price. I own several Vizio LCDs and they all work perfectly. Great buy!:slight_smile:


NO WOOTS and you want a BOC?

We already had one.

Already came and went…over on happy hour

hmmmmmm a friend had a vizio and it pooped out after a year…

Vizio televisions are the cheapest ones out there for a reason: they’re bad. Put them side to side with a Sony or LG and you’ll see why.

Does anyone have one? Just wondering how it is. I checked amazon but it seems to be mixed

Not to be a grammar/spelling Nazi, BUT they misspelled “the” in the description.
“And they wonder why I don’t leave teh house much.”
I expect more from Woot. Hehe

Is it just me, or does it seem Idaho is carrying this woot off?