VIZIO 15.6" Full-HD Intel i7 Ultrabook

Anyone know if the memory on this thing is expandable? I’m looking for a laptop with an HD display, but would like 8 mb of ram.

Otherwise, this looks like a winner.

I’m thinking the same thing. If can go to 8GB, I’m in for 1. But if 4GB max, I’m out.

Looks like the ram is not upgradeable.

Here’s a review. Seems like a solid laptop.

In my opinion, 4gb will do just fine, as long as you dont have several memory hungry apps open. I got by just fine with 4gb on my desktop for years without a hitch. Just recently upgraded, and havent noticed much of a difference.

Confirmed that it memory is not expandable.

If this helps:

From what I’ve read online, the memory chip is NOT soldiered into the motherboard so you could replace it with up to a 16gb chip BUT it would void the warranty. So I would expand it after the warranty is up.