VIZIO 15.6" Full-HD Intel i7 Ultrabook

Amazing laptop. In fact, I’m using it to type this comment. Got one the last time on Woot. No keyboard problems, and this model has the upgraded SYNAPTICS touchpad. Works fantastic for me, but it gets pretty damn hot when using it for gaming.

Is 4gb of memory really enough? For me, I don’t think it would be. Is it upgradeable?

Fine for me. Maybe not if you run photoshop or CAD software. Fine for gaming. But again, this has Intel HD4000, so you aren’t going to be running Crysis. But older games like Doom 3 run fine.

Gotcha, thank you. Firefox seems to be the biggest memory hog for me, but I do use The GIMP for photo editing and sometimes CAD stuff. Guess I’ll hold out for something with more memory. Thanks again.

Is 4GB sufficient for using IE and MS Office?

Can you upgrade memory at all? I understand that 4gb is okay but is there available memory slots?

Hi, I’d also like to know whether I can upgrade the RAM and the Hard drive.

My Google-fu says that the memory is not user-upgradeable. One site said it had slots but you had to open the computer to get to them thus voiding the warranty.

It doesn’t have a hard drive. It has an SSD. I would assume the same warranty voiding issues with replacing it.

You should confirm this information yourself, of course.

If I reinstall the Win7 OS,how could I get the hardware drivers?