VIZIO 15.6" Full-HD Intel i5 Ultrabook

ad says i5, description says i7. Which processor is in there?

I was really tempted to buy this, then I noticed the touchpad is not centered on the letter B. It’s offset to the right. Stupid.

It’s an i5. Specs are fixed. THANKS!

can the memory be expanded?? thanks

My Google-fu search told me “probably not”. You might google around yourself.

no you can not. the ram is built into the motherboard. there is no actual ram slots in these.

It said i5 - 1.7 Ghz

B is not the center. The trackpad is in the center of the machine. Look close :slight_smile:

On a standard keyboard, the letter “B” is most certainly the center for you hands when they are on the home row. However, I can’t believe that this would be the dealbreaker!

Anyone buy one of these? On the fence, but very tempted…

I bought one and it arrived today… DOA :frowning:

laptop powers up, but screen never shows a thing.

I contacted vizio support, went through their song and dance, and they confirmed something needs repair.

The laptop looks and feels AWESOME. cool box. nice and clean…but sadly DOA for me :confused:

Already contacted woot about it as well.