VIZIO 19” 720p Razor LED HDTV



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VIZIO 19" 720p Razor LED HDTV
$109.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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How about a 91"?!


Yo dawg, I heard you like a RAZR on your Razor.




what does everyone think about a bag-o-crap this time? do you think that there will be one?


Nope, no bag-o-crap here…go ahead and feel free to take off.


There may well Be one, but will we Be Able to Get one?! Probably not, as happens every time lately…sadly.


I have been in the last 2 woot offs and not bag o crap just a screaming monkey…


Dang. I thought I’d be the first to notice the V3. You win this time, scapsinger…


This one is a chocolate gnache drizzled, peanut butter frosting, with white and chocolate cake


Well…what you do with your Hands during a woot-off is entirely up to you!
Oh, wait…Screaming monkey! Never mind!



Isn’t it about time for the Bacon of Choice?


I doubt it, they seemed to of moved to a social media only crap. I’m guessing why that is why so few comments, people are giving up on woot-offs.


I have the 1080p version of this same tele in our guest room. Picture is great, remote is nice, blah blah blah…

The sound is utter garbage… If you intend to use it heavily, be sure to procure an audio alternative.


What is the little box next to the TV?


I liked my RAZR. I liked it more than the LG’s that followed after it.


In the bedroom mine’s 8" and it’s plenty…

The TV! I mean the TV!


19" in this aspect ratio is too small for either a TV or a monitor. Unless you are going to use it for a TV in the back seat of your car, maybe.


That would be the power supply