Vizio 22” 1080p LCD HDTV Woot Info Post
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Vizio 22” 1080p LCD HDTV [Refurbished] - $199.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Vizio VA22LFHDTV10T 22” 1080p LCD 2x HDMI HDTV

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here’s the product website

and a user manual

1080p on a 22" may not be necessary for those with eye problems. Eagle Eyes with limited space should enjoy this.

I do not need this, but I must say the design looks very nice.

WTFBBQ - A 22" TV with 1080p?

wow a 22 inch tv with 1080p
that is very rare. and especially at this price

I just don’t know that i can buy a refurb tv from woot after all the posts of people getting screwed…

What the heck. Been looking for TVs for the kid’s rooms. In for 3.

I’ve seen them on sale locally for about $239. NEW. And since I’m in Texas, I get to pay tax either way. No big savings for me.

Live in a dorm, have a laptop that easily supports 1920x1080… Would this be nice for a cheap second monitor / something bigger to watch movies on?

My boyfriend got one of these in a 26" model a few months ago, and by the time I could order myself one they weren’t selling them anymore. (The 1920x1200 VMM26 model)

If Woot had one of those instead of this 22" one, I’d have bought two. They’re absolutely gorgeous, bright, and have a nice smooth glass front.

My experience with Woot TVs:

My Hansspree died after six months. Nobody in town will touch it, warranty or not.

My HansG died after eight. Same issue, and Best Buy “cant find manuals for it”

My InFocus 61" has always had issues with turning on (under 300 hours total on it)
If a bulb goes out, its $840 on Amazon (cheapest)

Not going with the Wal-Mart brand. These things have issues with black colors anyways.

I’m waiting for 4-pixel (+yellow) color to come this year. Until then, no TV.

Cheap? You can get 22-23" 1050/1080P monitors for under $150… With this you’re paying for the extra AV inputs and tuner.

Sure. You could connect your laptop to it using a VGA cable or DVI to HDMI converter, depending on which port(s) your laptop has for connecting an external monitor.

Maybe not as a monitor, but you can get 24"+ monitors off NewEgg on sale for the same price, free shipping, no tax. Watch movies on your computer (dont all college kids use torrents to get movies?)

Not those who entertain a few friends in the dorm, or those whose college has turned people in to the authorities two years ago for pirating. =s

Also, I don’t own a TV, so I’m thinking I can combine the two comforts of life into one. (Have HDMI, no worries there).

Hannspree / Hanns-G are the same brand, and the support from the company isn’t all that bad. I had a 25" Hannspree I bought in Best Buy choke on me in about two months… and then again at eight months. Both times, Hannspree service sent it back to me within a week. I can’t say I’d recommend them to anyone else though, even after that. Not without a store warranty at a local place. (Something I would never usually buy. Hannspree convinced me.)

Another Lost fan? Whoohoo! Best show ever! :tongue: Since John is the smoke monster, who is the dead guy?

New here… what exactly does refurbished mean? … I know, used, but more in depth answer, please… why do you suppose it was refurbished?