Vizio 22” 1080p LCD HDTV

1080p at 22" = pointless unless you sit 2" away from the screen

Small… as big as a computer monitor?!?

“Shaka, when the walls fell.”

Refurb on for 199…

Have a vizio LCD and LOVE IT!!

this would be nice to have in my exercise room… If I exercised… or had an exercised room.

Bought one of these about a month ago at Target for $35 or $40 more. Not a bad tv, but even the lowest volume setting is a little loud and the viewing angle isn’t the greatest.

Uuugggh… stupid high priced items. Gimme the cheap, useful, neat-o crap.

Stress on the useful and cheap :wink:

Dell has Vizio 22" new for $209 free shipping, only 720P but on 22" screen you can not see difference anyway.

Looks like a good computer monitor. As a TV? A little small.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^my TV^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

has the boc appeared yet?


not bad, i paid $240 for an off brand 1080p. agreed though 1080p in such a small screen is kind of pointless.

Looks like they have a lot of these. Could be a while.

Vizio makes very good TVs especially if you aren’t looking to spend a ton. This is a steal, I’d buy it myself if I didn’t have a 19’ Vizio 720p already…1080p though…buy this!

Yes, but it’s got 26 bucks for shipping.

Not a horrible price,

Wonder how well these would work as computer monitors.

look at mr smug, a tv is a tv, and it’s at a great deal for anyone if they live in a small apartment, dorm room,or a bedroom.