Vizio 22” 720p LCD HDTV

No 26".

haha no 26"

yep, I wildly guessed wrong… It’s not often I’m happy to be wrong.

Skipped 26s :frowning:

No flashing lights?

selloff seems over :frowning:

Where were the 27"s!!!

And it’s over?

its overrrr

Over. sellout is over.

Looks like the Woot-off is over…

And, it’s over… I enjoyed the story though! Kudos to the Woot writing staff!!!

NO 26"??? C’MON!!!

I’ll take this 22" but damn I wanted 26/27" !!!

Is it, could it be, nightmare on?


would this work as a pc monitor?

well that was interesting, oh well, i wonder how much they will do that.

no boc