Vizio 22” 720p LCD HDTV

It has the same type of mounting holes as LCD monitors and many other small LCDs around this size. It’s just a different VESA standard, VESA 100 (100mm x 100mm square) and you can get mounts for it cheaper then a normal vesa one… monoprice has one for about $20:

It says there is 100 x 100 wall mount option. It may not use the name VESA but I believe it is.

Once I saw Vizio, I remembered a post on the Consumerist.

After the post hit the website, only then did the company make an effort to help him out…

I’m waitin’ for an antenna.

Interesting…suddenly I have an avatar that I never uploaded. Perhaps this is woot trying to make up for the lack of a ‘bag’ in my adventure crap…

Since when did the crapiest brand of TV on the market get as expensive as the top brands? I wouldn’t pay $50 for this made-in-china piece of $#!+.

Vizio is one of the extremely rare (if not only) major U.S.-founded and U.S.-based companies in this field. I believe they are also the largest sellers of HDTVs in this country and have a pretty good reputation for quality. They are also one of the major brands sold at Costco – whether that means anything to you or not.

One reason Vizio has been so successful is that many reviews have been positive and their price point has been significantly lower than similar LCD HDTVs with similar specs.

LCD panels are made by a very few manufacturers, so it wouldn’t be unusual to have the same panel found in Vizio, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung, etc.

Do you have any experience with Vizio HDTVs?

Which other brand (not made in China) would you recommend? Which brand do you have now?

I’m confused… the woot! page says,
Wall Mount Specifications:

Hole Pattern: 100mm x 100mm
Screw Size: M4
Screw Length: 10mm
Screw Pitch: 0.7mm

Sounds like a VESA mount to me? What
are you looking for?

I have a 19" vizio I use a computer model. Works out well. I’ve had zero problems as a tv or a monitor, its crystal clear.

I’ve had it for 3 years now and not a hiccup.

lol. What a terrible post.

I have this same unit and use it as my monitor. Best purchase I’ve made.

There’s no problem hooking this up to a DVD player, is there?

It’s worth noting that there are many different VESA mounts, each appropriate for a different size of monitor/TV. I believe that this TV’s specs are consistent with the VESA MIS-D 100 standard (see

My best guess is that VIZIO decided to save a few $$ by not licensing the standard from VESA for this model. If that’s the case, they probably can’t use the name in their marketing.

I’m using a magnavox 31" refurb (a previous woot) as my monitor. Got put here after I realized it has no analog audio out. I love it as a monitor, and with rabbit ears I can switch to local tv at will.

I WOOTED for one. Hooray!

We have a larger Vizio and we love it. We havent had any trouble. We’ve been thinking about getting our kids a new tv this one looks like a great deal!

Not having a DVI port shouldn’t worry you, since the TV has speakers and if you want to use them HDMI is a better call. I don’t know if the computer you bought has HDMI out, but you can get a cheap card that has one (the ATI Radeon 3450 series comes to mind.) That said, by comparison to an average monitor, 1366x768 is not a stellar max resolution. As much as people talk about HD being this amazing thing, monitors have been doing it better, longer.

It would probably look fine, though.

I highly doubt there will be a noticeable difference. Of course there will be MINOR signal loss because of the signal transfer using an adapter but you wont be able to tell. The same can be said about your cable…you will lose some signal during the cable run but will it be noticeable?

Naw, I’d get it

I currently have a 22" LG 1050p Monitor w/both a DVI port as well as a VGA port. I have both my desktop plugged into it as well as my Xbox. Desktop I am running straight VGA even though I have dual port DVI on my PC. My Xbox I am running HDMI out into a little adapter that converts the HDMI signal over to DVI and still get a sweet picture.

Off subject…one downfall to my setup is I lose the audio contained in the HDMI cable so I modified my Xbox cable with a Dremel and now I am able to bring my audio out to my PC surround sound which plugs in via sub on the floor and the HDMI goes into the monitor. There are instructions online for this if anyone is interested…

Vizio makes a great little TV. I’ve got a 4 year old 20" Vizio that’s used daily with no problems and a friend bought a similar one to this at Sams(pretty sure his was 1080i though) and he is more than satisfied.
Sure the viewing angle isn’t the best(as are VERY few smaller LCDs) and the sound is probably rather poor with it’s small built in speakers, but for the value Vizio is probably the best of the cheaper brands.
I also like that the company is based out of the US(CA) but sure, everything now days is made in China, fact of life!

Great deal and excellent monitor/TV. I purchased a similar version on woot in 2007 and use it as a monitor (only sometimes for TV) but at the time this was a good deal, and for $250!! Works great.

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