VIZIO 24" 1080p LED Smart TV with Wi-Fi

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VIZIO 24" 1080p LED Smart TV with Wi-Fi
Price: $129.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Tuesday, Apr 28 to Friday, May 01) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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I bought the 39"
These are refurbished for a reason. My power supply has been on the fritz after about 3 months (the warrant is only 90 days). The TV now only turns on intermittently. The cost to repair it is close to $200.

Maybe get the extended warranty? But why would you want to have to potentially deal with this situation to begin with.

Mine worked for about 30 minutes. Then light to dark cycling, then froze pic, then “no signal.” “Smart” TV very slow. Not worth the hassle.

I bought 2 VIZIO E320i-A0 32" 720p LED Smart TV’s for my sons.

Not a single complaint. They were refurb’s also.

C’mon guys-don’t scare people from buying these woot off killers !!

No problems with the two I own.

I ordered one of these. My problem is that it will not retain my wi-fi settings. I input the SSID and password and usually (but not always) it connects. then after a period of time it loses the connection, and the wi-fi settings themselves disappear from the network menu. I re-enter those settings and sometimes it works sometimes it does not, but reliably after a few minutes it loses the network connection and has to be re-entered. I have a Panasonic plasma that has worked flawlessly with my wireless router for years with no problems, as well as two laptops, my cell phone, two roku devices, and an xbox 360. I have never had these kind of problems until this tv. also, I guess I know know that WOOT does not accept returns, even for faulty products out of the box. I could always buy a $50 roku to plug into it, but the idea of buying a $150 tv was not to add another $50 for the roku - I could have simply gone to Frys and bought a 32" tv for that $200 instead. Grrr…

Well i just got mine in today i got the 55 inch one. Sadly it is cracked i have contacted woot about it and am waiting. Nevertheless i love woot and i have complete faith that they will help me and i cant wait to see if i get to finally use a visio tv they have some great reviews other than some haters here. I will update or reply to you guys later and tell you how everything went So check back in.

I have sent it back and they have said that i will get a refund (they ran out of tvs). have not recieced my money yet. But to be fair they have not recieved the tv back its still in transit.
stay tuned i will let you know the day i get my money. Therefore you will know how long it takes.

I ordered the 48" and the 50" of these. The 50" works perfect. The 48" came with the screen separated from the edge. It did not happen in shipping, you can tell it was MADE this way. I contacted Woot and one person after another kept sending me a link to an expired shipping label. I was finally able to print it, only to find that it is up to ME to drag this giant package down to the nearest Fedex office for shipping. Great deal if it works, but not worth it overall. Pay the extra at other venues for actual customer service.