VIZIO 24" 1080p LED Smart TV with Wi-Fi

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VIZIO 24" 1080p LED Smart TV with Wi-Fi
Price: $129.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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I bought this back in December so I could have a small low power tv without needing to use a separate remote for my roku.

At first it worked alright, it was kinda slow in doing things, most set up though, where you wait a little bit between giving a command and the command having been carried out.

It started to have issues with netflix, taking forever to buffer, even after the quality dropped visibly, I even turned off “allow HD” from my account for a bit, but it didn’t help and instead got worse. I thought maybe it was the wi-fi so I plugged my computer’s ethernet cable to test, no improvement.

Then it stopped even being able to connect to netflix reliably, it started to show only one or two servers as active, apparently more are required to stream or something, then it stopped returning servers at all. I thought maybe it was a DNS issue and tried to configure it manually, no luck, however I tried copying from the internet and may have made an error. I also thought maybe it was a firmware issue so I updated it, didn’t work, did a factory reset, still not working.

Then it sat in the box for a couple months until I took it to someone else’s house to try it with a much better router and better internet. The tv now refuses to be configured; all the sluggishness and lack of response it started with had become so exaggerated I left the room in frustration waiting for it respond. When I went back some hours later, admittedly it might have taken less time but I was doing other things, it couldn’t see the intended wi-fi network or in fact any of the other wi-fi networks that I know to be with within reception of multiple other devices.

Would not buy again.

4 stars at amazon though:

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