VIZIO 24" 1080p LED Smart TV

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VIZIO 24" 1080p LED Smart TV
Price: $134.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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I bought one of these new a few weeks ago. It’s a great little TV for a spare bedroom. The apps, other than Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and iheartradio, aren’t worth your time. They don’t fill up the whole screen making them too small to see.

Good reviews (3.5 out of 5.0) over at

We have one of these in our bedroom and it is a good TV with one exception… we use it with over-the-air antenna and frequently like to use the transmitted channel programming info to see what movie/show is on. The font size is so incredibly small, we’d need binoculars to read it from the bed. Always getting out of bed and walking over to the TV to see what movie I’m watching.

No way I’d have one of these. Vizio sells the data on how you use it:

Two Walmart has it brand new (not recondition) for 168. 34 bucks is not a deal for me, esp if its recondition. #somebodyelseproblems

Anyone use one for a computer monitor? Is it sharp enough for texts?

Bought this refurb from Woot a while back - problems after a few weeks.
Returned it - replacement had problems. Dealt directly with Vizio next - they assured me they would send one well-tested but made me pay a $150 deposit for it - it showed up with a shattered screen but the box was pristine - meaning it was likely packaged that way - slow, rude and difficult to return my deposit because they were waiting on the post office to approve their insurance claim… hmmm.
I’ll stick with Samsung and buy new and local from now on.

I bought one of these exact TV’s from Woot for the bedroom. I’ve had it 7 months and it’s a great little TV. Sound is surprisingly good. Picture is excellent and I’ve not had a single problem with it. I even like the remote. I would absolutely buy another one if I needed it. This is the second referb TV I’ve gotten. The first one is another Vizio (32") that has been in use for well over 3 years and has never had a single problem. I’ll be getting another 32" as my hubby thinks the 24" is way too small. So he’ll be taking it to use in his reloading room to replace the 22" he has in there.

Reminds me of

welcome to the 21st century; get out much?

Yes, I do I bought one of these at Walmart for 180 and it works great. Honestly works just as good as any normal 24 in monitor, I only wished I got it for this price.