VIZIO 25” 2.1 Sound Stand

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VIZIO 25" 2.1 Sound Stand
Price: $69.99
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Some good reviews on Amazon.

Note the price break.

I bought this sound stand in October. The first one worked for a few days, then would not turn on. I contacted Woot and they sent out another one right away, and paid for the return shipping of the defective stand.

I really like this sound stand. It does create quit a lot of base; the vibrations caused my TV to make a buzzing sound. I folded a hand towel and put it between the TV and the sound stand. Problem solved. I couldn’t figure out what was making the buzzing at first, and thought maybe the stand was defective. So, if you hear a buzzing sound, move everything away from the area, and put one thing back at a time to see what’s making the sound.

The sound quality is great, and it can get LOUD. 1000% better than the tinny TV speakers. I actually use both for a fuller sound. I also programmed my cable remote with the Vizio code for TVs and it works for volume control.

This is a great deal, $20 less than what I paid.

These work well. At the lower price, it’s a bargain. I have two of them - one with a Vizio TV and the other with a LG 4K unit, and they both work perfect and integrate with the TV nicely.

Buy the refurb. Vizio Sound Stand,
and you will really hear the Jug Band.
The Sound Stand will be clear and loud,
and you’re insured to be proud.
I certainly hope Woot can meet the demand.

Wow, a poet in our midst.

Why does it say it is a great fit for televisions up to 55"? I have a 65" tv. Would that be an issue? Thanks.

At this price, I’d say it’s worth it just as a bluetooth speaker with really nice sound. Would be great in the garage or any place else you’d like to stream music from your phone and aren’t worried about space.

We’ve got one and love it, the sound quality is very good without having to worry about an external subwoofer.

My only complaint would be that it is difficult to tell which input source you are currently on. It just has little white lights without labels to indicate the active source.

I am no brain surgeon but I am sure they are talking about the weight of the TV.

So does this just improve the sound? My mom is deaf as a post- we looked a sound bar before - but it needed a kit we never bought for the Vizio/LG to work. I like the stand idea if it gives an improved or richer sound?

Ha-ha - I wasn’t interested in using it for a stand so much as just the sound quality!

I got to test drive one of these in a retail store and balked because of the 200+ price tag. The bass can be a little loud, but all you have to do is turn it down. For the size and the price even at 200+ I was completely blown away and settled for another brand due to cost alone. At this price point there is nothing even comparable. It is loud, crystal clear, and bass for days (sound bar speaking). I went ahead and bought one on our other woot account that is tied to Amazon. If you have standard TV speakers this is a HUGE upgrade and you won’t be disappointed.

I got one off woot about 5 months ago. Excellent overall sound, however it is not a surround sound device. Do not expect sound to come from every angle. Bass and treble are adjustable and very noticeable range here too. I also had the TV rattle issue when I put my TV on top of this. I moved the entire stand underneath my TV stand so it is on the floor. Problem solved and the bass sounds great on a good quality movie. The big recommendation I have here is to get an optical cable to hook this up with. Do not use normal connections. The difference in sound was amazing when I switched to optical. Overall good buy for the price.

My TV is mounted but there’s a full cabinet shelf below it. I have a different sound stand there. I like it because I don’t lose the counter top. I can put things on it.

My guess is the weight of the larger TVs is more than the device is designed to accommodate. Although a 60" LCD is lighter than a 50" plasma.

I can’t even put one in my shopping cart. I click the button and nothing happens.

Could you refresh the page and try again. We had site issues a bit ago but everything is working now.

Please forgive my technical ignorance, but I’m assuming that since it “has” bluetooth, that would enable me to listen to tv broadcasts with my bluetooth headphones? In other words, it both receives AND transmits signal using bluetooth?

I am sure they are talking about the length of the base. It’s shorter than a 60" tv and most people won’t like the way it looks that way.