VIZIO 25” 2.1 Sound Stand

Bought one at this price on March 9th and have been very happy with it! Good and loud but not overpowering at normal volume. Paired with my Tivo cable box remote without even trying. Works great in bluetooth mode streaming music from my phone. Only downsize is my tv has two legs and the stand is a tiny bit taller than my tv. Propped it up and looks/works just fine.

Spring for an optical cable for best results if your TV allows:

Probably the best sound you will find at this price. Everyone has different experiences but this shipped to me in the Midwest in 2 days as well.

Bought this on our other account last time it was up. We previously has a Phillips Soundstand and wasn’t really happy with it.

Pros: It is very loud,tons of bass (more on that later) and very clear. I can honestly say without a doubt for the price the best soundstand you can buy. The remote is sleek and well built and the soundstand as well. The TruSurround setting really opens up the highs of explosions, speaking, and background effects in movies etc.

Cons: That bass. When playing music you can leave the bass in the middle setting and it sounds fine. Watching TV or video games? You almost have to turn it down almost all the way (which isn’t really a con because it still sounds really good). It has a TruVolume (like compression) setting. TruVolume seems like it cuts the voice out too much in movies. Leave it off and it sounds fantastic.If you set a TV on top of it get a rubber placemat to set under TV. It can rattle the base.

One thing I miss about my Phillips was the ability to easily control volume and power from the front of the device. The buttons are kinda hidden on a corner and they use a dot system on the front where you have to guess (or remember) which input is which.

All that being said, I still stand behind the best sound for the price. We did a demo of this a few years back and the only reason I didn’t grab it was the 200-250 price tag. For this price it is a no brainer if you want room filling sound.

One of the best audio buys I have made on Woot was this sound stand. Seriously sounds great. It , begrudgingly, will be replacing my old Pioneer receiver and CV speakers due to the sweetie not liking the old gigantic gear in the simply living room layout we not have. Its not a total boo hoo moment though, because this Vizio stand sounds great and takes up no room. She didnt even notice it the first day because it blends in so easily. The Bluetooth connectivity is awesome too.
It says refurbished but I seen no signs of that on the unit I received. The Vizio remote control paired easily with the local cable company remote set up we have. Unless you need to tweek the settings, which I agree with previous review, the bass kicks, so some adjusting is needed till you find the sweet spot for your place.

The price is right too. Feels and sounds like quality. No regerts here :slight_smile:

Bought one last time it was offered and it’s one of the best purchases I have made on Woot! Great sound quality for the price. The item arrived in “new” condition. A real plus are the treble and bass controls. We use it daily to steam music. It’s pretty, solidly built, and the most bang for the buck sound-wise I could find. I own a Klipsch system I bought on Woot as well. This system is not the same, but close enough; and I could have bought 5 of these! Thinking about getting another…maybe for the patio

I Concur with the above positive reviews. This thing really is amazing. I purchased it earlier this month. It came quickly (within a few business days).
I do suggest getting some felt or cork pads if you get the issue with the bass over-vibrating your other equipment, it helps dampen it. The bass from 1/2 to 3/4 is powerful, and at full value is on the silly side.
The best things about it are it is easy to hookup and use (USE THE OPTICAL CABLE IF YOU CAN! SERIOUSLY), my wife understands how to use it and for late at night i can still use the tv speakers without disturbing the house.
The remote is a bit simple but does the job and uses standard AAA batteries, not the button-cells.

Keep in mind that if your tv has legs on each side instead of one leg in the center, it may not fit properly on this stand. I bought this to put under a 32" Samsung tv, but I can’t use it because the legs hang off the sides of the stand.

i got one recently as well - it works great for my purposes. Replaces the tinny tv speakers and loud enough for me. I set the feet of the tv stands (two) on those unused drink coasters and raised it above the unit about 1/4 inch - worked great.