VIZIO 25” 2.1 Sound Stand

I bought this on NEWEGG for the same price 42 days ago. It is powerful and works best in STUDIO apartments or private bedrooms.

As it is designed to have something heavy (a TV) on top of it, the SUBWOOFER incorporated into the bottom of the stand may cause it to shake and vibrate and shift around if you do not place something on top of it.

With my Vizio 50" 4K TV mounted to the wall, I simply place my Comcast X1 Cable Box and my Roku 4K on top of it and it doesn’t move around at all.

NOTE: The remote is tiny and slim and very easy to lose. Mine disappeared on day 2 and I have searched everywhere for 40 days and not found it yet.

Bass with incorporated subwoofer blasts at a 12 out of 10.

Treble is present but in no way “tinny” sounding.

It REPLACES the TV sound - you have to enter the SETTINGS on your TV and turn OFF the incorporated speakers, because if you don’t even with an optical connection it echoes or doubles the words and music on the TV.

BLUETOOTH works great. Really could have a dance party in your bedroom with this thing.

Bought one of these last time it was listed here, and I gotta say, it is pretty darn impressive. Was thinking about giving it to my Mom who is hard of hearing, and hooked it up to an older Vizio 32" set I’m using as my desktop monitor to try it out first. Sorry Mom, you won’t be getting it after all , it is staying right here. Surprising solid bass & good clean treble, and I can control it w/ the TV remote.