VIZIO 28" 720p Full-Array LED HDTV

After two failed E-series and a huge amount of research, I would skip this deal on a BIGGER TV. I can recommend the M-series, so I am not anti-Vizio, just anti-E. Even if the TV fails in warranty, getting a big TV home serviced, or wrangling it to a TV store is a nightmare.

On a smaller set that you can manage yourself I would buy an E-series, and have bought many. Like 8 or 9 TVs. On a bigger set that requires help and a van, I wouldn’t do it. The risk is too high that you are going to have to pay someone to come to the house to look at it.

Vizio has good service, they were very helpful. Vizio provided lots of support for both of my failed 70" TVs, one was only a few months out of its warranty, and the second was less than 90 days old, and went back to the store. MasterCard extended warranty paid for #1 TV, and #2 was refunded at store. Vizio was a big help in getting the info to get the MC warranty money.

I currently have a 70" M series Vizio, and a whole tribe of smaller E-series Vizios that are pretty healthy.