VIZIO 29” 2.0 Sound Bar

Doesn’t sound the best. I work for Geek Squad and we have one of these we have to functionality test and we’ve had it going for quite a while playing music and whatnot and the sound quality is sub par. Goes without saying that anything is better than using stock TV speakers, but look for something else in this case.

The problem is people have gotten so used to the awful sound quality of flat panel TVs (which by their design have NO room for decent sound movement) that by their standards, the mediocre quality of soundbars is an improvement. Unfortunately, these still contain tiny little drivers, weak mid-range performance, and a complete lack of channel separation compared with decent sized bookshelf speakers and a true surround sound system (which, duh, requires that the speakers actually surround you). I know that requires a little bit of wiring effort, but it is well worth it.