VIZIO 29” 2.0 Sound Bar

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VIZIO 29" 2.0 Sound Bar
Price: $59.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Bought one of these off of Woot last time and it’s working really nicely. Not as nice as my (much more expensive) Sony sound bar, but for the price it’s remarkable. Definitely recommend.

I actually bought this for $79 from the mothership. Absolutely perfect for a 32" TV or Computer Monitor. Bought a second one for a friend from Woot last time around and the reconditioned unit works perfectly. Gave it to a friend/neighbor who was having trouble hearing the voices from her TV. She loves it.
Look, this is not an audiophile’s dream, but the sound is surprisingly rich, and having this added using this for my 32" QHD monitor, which I use for my computer and a cable box, and also as a Bluetooth speaker, works better than any computer speaker system I’ve ever owned.
Highly recommended.

run away. the refurb vizio soundbar I bought back in late march suddenly died a couple weeks ago. vizio says they didn’t refurb it and it is past the 30 day warranty. Woot says after 21 days you deal with vizio. that was avsuper expensive buy since it only lasted about 45 days.

Does the unit auto-switch to the active input or do you have to use the remote? Thanks!

I bought one of these last year from a membership warehouse. I don’t have the positive vibes about it that other postings have. It doesn’t automatically power up when the TV is turned on (but it does auto-off). There are no instructions about the cryptically designed remote control. The remote control is necessary for all volume controls so my Vz remote doesn’t sync to the bar as it does for my Sharp sound bar downstairs. Then last week the bar produced sound with static. For a reasonably young unit, this is not good.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Another POS (piece of s***) made by Vizio, not to mention their terrible customer service.

So if I buy this I become a lawyer?

But if you damage it, they can disbar you…

I might pick one of these up for our bedroom projector. The projector is sitting on a 36" shelf over our headboard, and we have an old set of PC speakers split up with one on each nightstand. Mounting this on the bottom of the shelf in a downward-firing position might be a better option.

I have this, and it seems to automatically switch to the desired input, although it is on the optical input 90% of the time since that’s coming from the TV. The only other input we generally use is bluetooth, so we can stream music and use our phones as remotes.

I have had this sound bar hooked to my Vizio 55" TV for about 6 months now and have really enjoyed it. The speakers on my TV are downward firing and very difficult to hear, and since we have added this, we are very pleased. The only difference I can see is that mine has a bluetooth subwoofer, which we actually don’t use if the kids are sleeping, and the bar still sounds great and delivers it’s own bass. Since our TV is a Vizio, it synced right up with our remote and turns on and off when the TV does.

I needed Vizio customer service last week. Was top notch.

Can I skip the TV and use this as a bluetooth speaker?

You sure can!

Then you don’t have this sound bar