Vizio 29” 2.0 Sound Bar

Do you know if any of sound bars that’s listed today are fit for outdoor usage .
Example :
I like use it for my RV truck . The speaker will exposed to outside elements.

No, it doesn’t appear so. That’s definitely a feature we would call out in the sale if it were available.

I have this model for inside use, and am also an RV’er. While I might set this outside on a picnic table (under my RV awning probably) for a short while, I certainly wouldn’t leave it out in any rain or inclement weather. The speaker covering is a mesh-type material that could probably rip, and I’m sure it’s not waterproof.

These soundbars are a little large for outdoor use anyway, and I use/recommend a smaller Bluetooth speaker (I have a Soundbot SB520) for RV’ing. Costs less than longer soundbars too.