**Item: **VIZIO 29" 720p LED HDTV
Price: $149.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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… hey.

Eight. :smiley:

$20 cheaper than the current moofi offer…

I sure miss the days when tons of folks posted comments and there were jokes, diabolical plans to score a B.0.C., clever comments, helpful info, funny cats and pole vault girls. Nowadays it seems to be mostly negative grumbling about how lousy Woot has become. Oddly enough, I even miss the usually futile efforts to score a B.0.C.

If you’re under $10 per inch for a tv, you’re doing good.

BOC, do those exist anymore? I thought they were like unicorns and gnomes.

Is this how the Woot-off ends? Not with a bang, but with a VIZIO?

Thank you for the cat photo.

Just waiting on a Gerber Fast 3.0… and a box 0 chocolates.

Anyone know how to prop eyelids open? toothpicks?

Hmmmmmm…you should:

Either the Vizio is the finale item or it’s gonna be a 3-day Woot-Off.

Be careful, the last time I posted something bad about WOOT, my posts were all deleted because it didn’t say anything about the product…

With that said, Amazon has this tv for 225.32 so this is a good price!

The Woot Ultimate Challenge woot-off was pretty darned epic, TYVM.

I was talking about a product and still had my posts deleted.

720p’s aren’t worth it these days if you ask me. 1080p or bust!