VIZIO 29” Home Theater Sound Bar w/ Bluetooth

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I woot’d one of these for my folks a few months ago, since their 32" TV sits in a cabinet with a 30" wide opening, which limits the choices of decent soundbars. They’re quite pleased with the improvement over the TV’s built-in rear-facing speakers, which shot the audio into the closed space behind the TV. Now the audio is clearer and more easily heard at a lower volume setting than before.

I’d recommend it if your space for a soundbar is limited. At this price it’s hard to go wrong.

I bought the 38" version of this (S3820W-C0B) off Amazon for $90 back in April to plug into my FireTV connected to my old projector I installed in my bedroom. I decided on this setup because the FireTV would allow me to send HDMI out to the projector for video and either optical or bluetooth out for audio, of which the sound bar had both.

The Audio quality was sufficient. We usually kept it down on one of the lowest settings. There’s some faint little lights on it that show you the audio volume (they turn off when the volume isn’t being changed) and are also used to show which input you’re on.

I wanted to use the bluetooth with the FireTV, which worked great unless I was in Plex. In plex the bluetooth Audio was delayed by what had to be at least a full second. I googled around and other people were experiencing the same problem with bluetooth headphones using the Plex app on FireTV so it wasn’t an issue with the Speaker. Just wanted to give a Headsup to maybe google around and see if they’ve fixed that issue in the software incase you’re planning to use this or any other bluetooth speaker for a similar setup. Ended up setting it up behind us (closer to the fire TV) and using optical audio without issue.

We moved and I’ve since re-purposed it. Connected it to my phone and then I just place it somewhere outside and play music on it from my phone while I do yard work. Mine gets plenty loud and I can adjust the volume from my phone.

Kinda went off on a tangent there but thought it might be useful information. If not, my bad.