VIZIO 29” Home Theater Sound Bar w/ Bluetooth

Please give the TV size range (small-medium) in diagonal screen inches so we non-techs know if this sound bar will work with our current TV. Also, will this work with non-HD TV sets? Thank you.

This should work with any television of any size, LED/LCD or CRT (that stands for “Regular Old TV”) that has standard RCA audio output jacks, or a way of adapting patch cords to either RCA or 1/8" stereo jacks. I think though, that this sized sound bar is geared more toward smaller TV’s 24"-36".

I bought one of these sound bars for my folks, whose TV is a 32" diagonal Visio LED. The cabinet in which the TV is located has an opening width of 30", and this bar (as well as the TV) fit in this opening with not much to spare, side to side. Now the sound projects out into the room, instead of from behind the TV where the built-in speakers are located and can muffle the sound. If you have a situation like this, there are not too many choices for sound bars that will fit in that narrow of an opening, particularly in this price range (refurb, notwithstanding). But if you’re not constrained by having to fit it in a specific opening, you’re good with this or most other ones, size-wise.

Bottom line-- my folks are happy, which makes me happy.

Thank you! That is an excellent reply. Answers my question and more. I’m happy.

Do you happen to know if this works with the Vizio TV remote so then two remotes aren’t needed?

Also, if that’s the newer Vizio that has the two legs on the outer edges, does it fit between them?