VIZIO 29” Home Theater Sound Bar w/ Bluetooth

any one buy one of these? according to Vizio’s website this product comes with wall mounts and i was wondering what that meant exactly.

You could mount the bar on the wall under/over your TV if you don’t want to set it on a cabinet or mantle - wherever your TV is located.

Can I adjust the volume with my Vizio TV remote on the soundbar? Or do i have to have an extra remote?

This link will immediately download the manual.

It’s not really clear there but I’ve been able to use my TV remote for every sound bar I’ve had. The TV remote won’t turn it on but I don’t ever turn mine off either.

I bought one of these back in August for my folks, since their 32" flat-screen LCD TV is inset into a cabinet and the built-in speakers on the back of the TV face into the cavity behind the TV, muffling the sound somewhat. Since this soundbar is less that 30" wide, it was sized just right to fit in the space below the TV. When it works, it works well, great sound heard much more clearly than the TV’s speakers. After a couple weeks, it didn’t seem to throw any sound out at all, but after messing with it (technical IT jargon) for a bit, scanning through the inputs and such, it worked again. It apparently scans through the different audio inputs on it’s own, but it seemed like it didn’t necessarily stop at the right input. Seems to be working fine now.

The way I connected the bar to the TV was to the TV’s analog L/R RCA audio jacks, so when you use the TV’s remote to adjust the volume, the volume in the speaker bar changes as well. You can also adjust the volume within the speaker bar itself using it’s dedicated remote. I imagine it would do the same if you used a digital optical or coax cable.

If I remember correctly, there were a couple simple not-quite-flat bracket straps included that could be screwed to a wall or cabinet and attached on the back of the speaker bar. I didn’t use them since there was a place to put the bar just below the TV shelf.

I have this same unit from an earlier Woot. One of my best $50 electronics purchases ever.

I have it hooked up to an insignia TV with a Uverse box and that is a bit of a PITA as you have to program the aux key to operate the TV and the TV button to operate the sound bar. Since the sound bar is a Vizio, you program the remote with a Vizio TV code.

So, yes you can operate the sound bar with your Vizio remote. I also have a Vizio TV that is not hooked up to the sound bar and its remote will work the sound bar.

Mine came yesterday, worked for one evening and this morning will not work at all,
I’ve tried everything, including a factory reset,
Very unhappy!

We are very sorry to hear that! These are covered by a warranty through Vizio, so they should have some troubleshooting options for you. You can check them out here: VIZIO Support