**Item: **VIZIO 29" 720p LED HDTV
Price: $169.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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When are they going to go ahead and embed android in these?

I don’t need this but for the price, I might get it anyway.

I own this TV (got it at Walmart in December). We wanted some thing small/light to use for tailgating. It has a really nice picture. The sound is not very loud. But, the only bad part is the stand. It’s just a plastic bar that you attach to the back. I am always paranoid that it will fall over.

I’d want them to have a little higher screen resolution if they’re going to embed Android. You will see the difference coming from your HTC One or Nexus 4 to a 29" device with 1366 x 768.

Last week I ordered this TV from Woot! Tech, Here:

It says there in the Specs tab that it has a QAM tuner.

This week the identical model number [E291-A1] is cheaper, but list only an NTSC/ATSC tuner.

Is this the same model, or what?

Did some of these TVs come with at Qam Tuner and others not???

Thanks a lot woot! I buy this 3 days ago and now you deep discount me out of $25.

It is the same model. All VIZIO TV’s have QAM tuners according to VIZIO. We grabbed an older spec table or something. Sorry for the confusion.

GOOD! Thanks. (No, I don’t begrudge the 25 buck reduction since I ordered; I was happy with that price, and my spouse fell for the deal, too!)

Any thoughts on how this would work as a computer monitor?

Got this for my mom for her PC. She was happier than a tornado in a trailer park! Really nice image, and 720p is fine at this size screen. 1080p isn’t really discern able unless on much larger screen.