VIZIO 29" Sound Bar

Ummm… In Specs: “Some items may be missing due to open box”.

What the heck? Like, the sound bar or power pack? You should probably let us know which items will definitely be in the box.

This isn’t a great deal if we need to go out and buy the wall mount and/or optical cable after-the-fact.


The major items (like the sound bar itself) will be included. All other items cannot be guaranteed. Such is the nature of the “Open Box” deal…

Wait a minute…I bought one of these and you’re saying that it’s possible the power cord or something like that could be missing? Anything other than the power cord and speaker itself would be “non-essential” but I would think those to items have to be included, no?

We do not have information on what, if any, items might be missing. The box has been opened so we must sell it as “Open Box.”