VIZIO 32" 1080p Full-Array LED Smart TV

This TV is $229 with free shipping from the Vizio store, and they send you a 5% off code when you first visit the site and give your email address. So why would I buy the refurb when I can have a new one for only about $12 more?

Why would you buy one anyway when you know it will just break?

Why would you buy one when Wally World will have it for $130 next month?

or you could camp out Thanksgiving day and night, and get it on Black Friday for $3 and change (somewhere probably)… if you’re first.

Hmm, a TV that, without my consent, tracks and reports my viewing habits, including my i.p. address, so Vizio can sell it? All done without my permission (i.e., opt in)?

How 'bout NOOOOooooo

On the face of it, this looks like a very good deal. If it were $20 less, I’d take the leap. Because we are less than two weeks from Black Friday and all the deals that are on their way, I’m willing to bet that I can get this model *with *a Vizio warranty for about the same or less.

As it is right now, I can go to Micro Center and buy a refurb for $210, and it will carry a factory warranty. Lastly, it is unclear exactly ***who refurbished *** this TV. If Vizio refurbed it, then it probably went through and passed a 100% QC. But if that were the case, Woot would probably tell us who refurbed the TV. Right, Woot?

You know that you don’t have to connect your TV to the Internet, don’t you? If you have cable or satellite-delivered TV, then they know what you watch and when you’re watching. You can still use this TV to watch over-the-air broadcasts and* not* be tracked.

Makes sense?

Actually, no, THIS tv is 1080p. The one for $229 at the Vizio store is the 720p.

That said, the 1080p model is only $249, which is still an attractive price, especially with the discount and free shipping.