VIZIO 32" 2.0 Home Theater Soundbar

Nicely played Woot…nicely played.

I remember back in the day there would be dozens of comments for every item. What happened?

No more Random Crap? :frowning:

People said Amazon buying Woot was a bad idea. I’m beginning to agree with them.


I own one and am very pleased with it. I wanted to have a cleaner look to my home theater system and this does just that.

None of my tv’s have audio out’s other than digital. This soundbar has no Digital inputs. Needless to say, I bought this soundbar from Target and didn’t think to read. I had to rig this thing to go through my cable box. I had to turn the sound off on my tv and put up with the annoying lag in sound. It looked like an old Japanese movie. The mouth would move, and then a second later the sound would come out of the speaker. This thing works great if you have analog audio out on your tv.

I’m sure that you can find some kind of digital converter or something. But after buying that, you could just buy a different soundbar with digital audio.


Most have moved on…

Good timing, Woot. I was going to buy one of these this weekend. Now I don’t have to get up and go to the store. Woot woot!

Where did you see that?

I only see a refurbished unit for $58.

Satisfied owner here of different Vizio manufacturer-refurbished soundbar from TigerDirect … and for a pittance more than Woot, you could have a much better product … with optical input, IR remote, 2 analog inputs (both RCA, not a 3.5mm jack), virtual volume/surround … and Tiger even has other Vizio soundbar packages with subwoofer. I was previously praising this $49.99 option, but seriously, there are other ways to get a quality Vizio soundbar.

Glad you mentioned that. Just checked my TV and it has no analogue out so I’ll have to pass :frowning:

correction on my previous post. This is the actual one I too bought from tigerDirect and not this one being offered by woot. sorry for the error.

to what…?

Just returned this to Wallyworld today. It had a bad humming noise that I couldn’t get rid of.

apparently to wollyworld
No bueno.

Wooters must be on a long dinner break…weak weak weak…

I got my soundbar today and it won’t even power on. :frowning:

Sorry for the late reply and to hear that you are experiencing issues with your order.
We recommend that you contact Vizio Support to see if they can help remedy the issue.

If they’re unable to help you, please feel free to email into Woot Member Services at