Vizio 32” 720p LCD HDTV

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first… If this was mid august this would have been a good deal but black Friday coming up and Cyber Monday around the corner, there is a lot better deals out there.

I got a 22 " Visio refurb for my kitchen. It gets more play than the rest of the lcds in my house. This is a decent price. Even on black friday. I’m just sayin. Word.

Check out this Reliability Chart.

Here’s the article it came from.

Once again, Carlton Bale’s article:

1080p Does Matter – Here’s When (Screen Size vs. Viewing Distance vs. Resolution)


At 5.5 feet or closer, you start to see the benefit of 1080p with a 32" screen.

Ask HD Beat: What’s the deal with 1366 x 768?

32" Element for $199 at walmart and 32" Sceptre at newegg for $219 both new…Vizio is refurb with 90 day warranty. So, you decide.

$279 new at Costco on Friday.

What are the chances of getting these Black Friday deals and how much hassle will be involved though?


refurb froogled

Not that good of deal. I have seen similar pricing for new TVs with those specs. The last two “refurbished” electronics that I bought from woot did not work.

Your chances are real good if you want to camp out in line and don’t have a life.

Why stand in Black Friday lines… just buy this instead!

blah blah blah. Vizio is a better brand than Element or Sceptre…Sceptre? Really? I am sure I misspelled that because I have never heard of them. I have a 37" Vizio in my main room and have no complaints. Happy Thanksgiving to my MIL! In for one.

Anytime except the days before Black Friday and this would be a good deal.

How is WOOT getting beat out by Newegg, who is offering a similar (non-refurb, free shipping) TV, for less?

Come on!

You can do better, WOOT! Amazon might be your angry new overlord, but that should not stop you from having the best prices on electronics on any given day.

So I’ve pretty much convinced myself that refurb is fine (might buy the extra warranty).

I like the brand, gets good reliablity ratings.

But…the unknown of what Woot may be offering for black friday or cyber monday has me pausing.

What’s the chance they’ll have a better deal on this?

Amazon has a 32" TCL new with 2 year warranty for $249 free delivery.

Looks like Sams Club has the same model, new for $30 more.

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